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Namenwechsel als semiotische Kongruierung: Onymische Geschlechtstransitionen

Onymische Geschlechtstransitionen

Miriam Schmidt-Jüngst

Pages 41 - 62

Abstract: This paper addresses the name changes of trans individuals as semiotic resources in the construction of a congruent gender expression in social interaction. Based on data from qualitative interviews the article highlights two recurrent and interrelated narrative strands that are central to the discursive reconstruction of the decision-making process in choosing a new name: firstly, the name’s function as part of a ‘semiotic bundle’ that serves the congruent performance of gender; and secondly, the endeavour for inconspicuousness, which I will discuss under the term ‚Undoing Transness‘ and which plays a central role in deciding on a name and its subsequent communication.


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