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Patrociny Settlement Names in Europe. The findings of an international research programme

Valéria Tóth

Pages 311 - 325

In 2010 we started an international research project which was aimed to present the situation and the special features of settlement names of patrociny origin in different language areas of Europe. Since the name type characterises certain parts of Europe only (in the German, Italian, French, Spanish speaking areas and in the Carpathian Basin), I chose the participants of the project accordingly. The call was welcomed, 15 reseachers from 10 countries indicated they would like to participate in the project. The final outcome is that 11 studies were published in the volume entitled ?Patrociny Settlement Names in Europe”. – My study presents the findings of this project, focusing mainly on the following issues: patrocinies and patrociny settlement names in Europe; the circumstances of his name type formation; chronological features of the name type; onomato-geographical characteristics of patrociny settlement names; structural issues; changes of settlement names of patrociny origin.


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