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Beiträge zur Namenforschung


Editorial Office

Beiträge zur Namenforschung
Prof. Dr. Rolf Bergmann
Schützenstraße 40c
96047 Bamberg

Please submit manuscripts and review copies to the address above. Please use the present issues as an example for the manuscripts regarding rules of citations, abbreviations, and distinctions etc. Please note that we cannot pay a fee. 


Guidelines for the publication in Beiträge zur Namenforschung

Content and Method

The journal, as an international interdisciplinary magazine for onomastics, publishes essays that examine the usage and history of names as well as the grammar and theory of names.

The journal welcomes problems in terms of names of people and animals, geographical names, event names, product names etc. of all languages, areas, and times. Beiträge zur Namensforschung focuses on Central European languages and names.


Usually, two of the editors and, if needed, two more experts evaluate the submitted manuscripts blindly and twice within three months. The editors require that the submitted manuscripts are yet unpublished and are not offered to any other institution for publication.


Submitted manuscripts should be arranged anonymously. The author is asked to identify on a separate sheet or file. The information about the authors is kept by the management of the editorial office until it comes to a decision regarding the publication.

Style Sheet

Please find advice for organizing your manuscript ► here

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